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*Terms and Conditions - Jubilant July Onam Gold Rush at Komappas*

1 .This campaign, "Jubilant July Onam Gold Rush," is organized by Komappas Readymades and is valid only during the month of July and August 2023

2 .The campaign is open to all customers of Komappas Readymades who make purchases during July and August 2023.

3 .To be eligible for this campaign, customers must accumulate their total billing amount from purchases made at Komappas Readymades during July and August 2023 as per the chart displayed below

4. The campaign period starts on July 1st and ends on August 31st, 2023

5. Starting from September 11, 2023, eligible customers can collect Gold Coins from Komappas Readymades, equivalent to the total billed amount accumulated during the campaign period. Prior to this date, customers must clear any outstanding balances to be eligible for claiming the Gold Coins.

6. The value of the Gold Coins given to customers will match their total billing amount during July and August 2023. The exchange rate for the Gold Coins will be based on prevailing market rates at the time of redemption.

7. Komappas Readymades reserves the right to modify or cancel the campaign at any time without prior notice.

8. The Gold Coins provided as part of this campaign are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other products.

9. Employees and immediate family members of Komappas Readymades are not eligible to participate in this campaign.

10. Participants must comply with all the terms and conditions set forth by Komappas Readymades during the campaign period.

11 .Komappas Readymades shall not be liable for any technical glitches or issues that may affect the campaign, but it will make reasonable efforts to resolve any such problems promptly.

12. By participating in the Jubilant July & Onam Gold Rush campaign, participants agree to allow Komappas Readymades to use their names and photographs for promotional purposes related to this campaign, without any compensation.

13. Komappas Readymades reserves the right to verify the eligibility of participants and may request relevant documents or information to do so.

14. Any decision made by Komappas Readymades regarding the campaign, including the distribution of Gold Coins, will be final and binding.

15. Participants are solely responsible for any taxes, fees, or charges incurred as a result of participating in the campaign or redeeming the Gold Coins.

16. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice, and any updates will be posted on Komappas Readymades' official website or displayed in-store.

Thank you for being a valued customer of Komappas Readymades.

We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with you and expressing our gratitude through the Jubilant July Onam Gold Rush campaign!

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